For you we develop:

  • Quality software;
  • Careful and solid design software.

Paroi, your Software Development Provider.

A team to rely on.

For whom are we useful?

For structures with technical skills but who wish to delegate, examples of what we do:

  • API development.
  • Web front-end.
  • Software for embedded hardware.

For individuals or non-IT organizations, examples of what we do:

  • A mobile application.
  • An application, a theme for a Shopify store.
  • A static one-page showcase website using a Jamstack (about 180 euros).
  • An editable website using a CMS (about 600 euros).

Paroi is a team of young and passionate developers based in Benin (Africa).

  • Aimé

    Mid-level Developer
  • Gaël

    Mid-level Developer
  • Jivaros

    Junior Developer
  • Oswald

    Senior Developer
  • Thomas


Our originality is energy with mentoring. Young developers are passionate about technology and motivated by client projects. But inexperience creates detours and diminishes quality. Mentoring by an experienced developer helps channel energy to get to the point and always aim for top quality. At Paroi, a developer's workday includes mentoring and project follow-up.


The day rate starts at 150 euros. It is the price of a day's work by a Paroi developer plus mentoring and project follow-up.

Favorite technologies

We work with Flutter, Rust, TypeScript, Node.js, GraphQL, React, Vue.js. At the table, our knife is called Git and our fork is called Docker. We occasionally write things in PHP, Python, C++.

The truth is that in the team we all love to learn and nothing beats the challenge of a project that requires to learn new skills.


  • Software development for a connected camera

    We implemented the software stack of a connected camera, running on embedded devices and cloud servers.
    Node.jsGraphQLVue.jsTypeScriptFlutterC++Embedded Applications
  • A one page site with the JamStack of Netlify

    Gatsby and React are the engine of this one page web site, with the help of the Netlify's CI for GitLab.
  • Creating a back-office and integrating a design for an online newspaper

    We created a SPA for the back-office in the form of a WordPress plugin. The integration was mobile first. There are 12 page templates and 46 variations for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.
  • Web site for a middle school

    We created a design and a custom theme for the CMS WordPress.

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